Since 2001, we have been providing excellent quality of frozen seafood as well as fresh and frozen meats for the food service, retail and wholesale markets. We source top quality products from our trusted network of National and International recognized manufacturers. We take pride on what we do! That's why Romart International Inc. is among the best Seafood and Meat providers in South Florida. Our core services include Export and full load consolidation for our customers, as well as local sales and distribution.

Our Mission

To deliver an exceptional level of quality goods and customer service to our customers.

Our Vision

To provide the quality, the excellence and the experience that our customers demand. Romart 's success is achieved from our customer's success, reason why we always provide our customers with the best service and product available at a competitive price.



As a family owned company, Romart International Inc. has built a strong reputation as an Exporter and Distributor of Food products to the retail, wholesale and Food service trade, specializing in frozen Seafood and Meat. What started as a small seafood supplier to the Caribbean, has grown into a multi-functional industry offering a wide portfolio of products and services much needed in today's Food Service market. We have always taken great pride in the way we service our customers. The dedication and commitment of the Romart 's team to quality and customer service are the essence of our business and it's what sets us apart. Our customer base include Retailers, Wholesalers, Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets and Food Service distributors among others.

We are extremely proud of our trajectory, and we look forward to continued success with the consistent support of our customers.